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Wood deck construction: a "simple" job that is best left to the experts!

It's not rocket science. Buiding deck stairs, constructing decking for above ground pools, or even the basic theory of laying out patio deck designs are all simple tasks on paper. Yet in practise, there's a lot that can (and often will!) go wrong.

You may be a really handy person, but sometimes saving a few dollars is not a smart move. Hire the professionals at Williamsburg Woods & Garden for your own peace of mind. Our work is guaranteed and much faster than you could possibly achieve it yourself. Plenty of customers have loved our work so much, they've requested upgrades while the initial construction was still being finished!

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About Us

Williamsburg Woods & Garden, Inc. is a family business with strong values and the belief that a good job doesn't have to cost you the earth. "I won't take on a job if there's no profit in it for us. I try to be fair, to us and our clients" says boss Gerry O'Connor.

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